Twelve years in the making, Richard Linklater’s Boyhood finally opens tomorrow in select theaters across the country. And has a perfect 100% score at Rotten Tomatoes to boot. If you’re a film lover and you’re somehow not excited to finally see this thing, there just might be something wrong with you.

(ps: we’ll be featuring an essay on the film in our upcoming issue, which comes out next Tuesday!)

A fair pairing. I’d ship them, too. Hopefully seeing one tonight and the other soon enough - might even have a shot at asking a question to Mr. Linklater himself. 

Sick drift! - via Hank Green!

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I’m thinking Mr. Ebert and him would’ve surely gotten along, if they hadn’t already. 

Here’s to “social music”!

To one of the greats who helped turn so many of us to see the projections we cast as reflections of ourselves:


Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party

Another Bill Murray story is making the rounds online today, though this one has video footage.

By law of decency and self-respect, I’m obligated to share this.

From the other homeland - A recent and sure-to-be longtime favorite - Something that struck close where nothing else was (something non-personed, that is - without someone to hold afterwards & as far as driving in the car alone and listening to CDs I’ve made foremost-ly for myself goes). 

I’ll post the translated lyrics in a bit.

Claire Denis snapping a photo of Jim Jarmusch on the set of Down by Law.

At work:

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